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The Brunton Storm is marketed as a windproof, waterproof, dedicated outdoor lighter able to withstand extreme weather .
The pocket clip is a nice addition to any lighter with this intended purpose and fits quite tightly onto a recessed flat area where the knurling was inteligently removed. On the bottom we see the gas gauge, which operates by tilting the lighter horizontally and looking at the clear window to see what percent of the tank is full. Using the lighter was simple and straightforward every time, with and without gloves thanx to the extensive knurling and oversized ignition button. This is somewhat unusual on jet lighters and specially on jet lighters that have heating elements.
For EDC or recreational outdoor use, if you don't mind it's larger than usual size; I think this torch would be outstanding.
For serious expedition level outdoor activities, wilderness self reliance or survival kits, I believe this is also one of the best choices out here.

As I mentioned before, the burner design on this lighter is not 100% reliable at higher altitudes or low oxigen enviroments.
This lighter is actually a slightly modified(aesthetically) Colibri CX Gear extreme series lighter. Another downside of these lighters is that they don't work in thin air so you can't use them in high altitudes and that's what a survival lighter is made for. This is the type of flame produced by butane lighters with heating elements that sit inside the burner chamber.
The completely removeable lid is perfect for lighting campfires and stoves that otherwise conflict with latched on lids that don't open all the way. The lighter withstood splashing from all sides, floating on water and a 14" submersion for 10 minutes.
Of course in any serious expedition or outdoor survival kit one should have several ignition sources and never rely solely on a lighter.

The lighter stays lit while you hold the ignitor down and immediately goes off when you release it. Brunton doesn't actually manufacture lighters; the two models currently available from them are this one and the Helios model which is made by Windmill Torches.
I'll post further updates over time, as I gather more experience on the long term use and longevity of this lighter.
Using butane that is packed at higher or lower pressure: this stresses the seals and valves causing them to fail over time or doesn't fill the lighter properly.

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