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Surviving in the wild — no matter the location or the time of year — depends on human wit and will more than the gear you have in your pack. The leanest survival kits are stored in Altoids tins and the like, and they include just the bare backwoods essentials: matches, firestarters, fishing line, a tiny compass, water purification tablets, a whistle, a small rescue mirror, and so on. All these items squeeze into a waterproof container, and the whole bundle weighs a scant 4 ounces. Here are some $5-or-less emergency prep items to get you started on your way to self-sufficiency.
But all survival experts still recommend assembling an emergency kit of equipment to stay with you at all times in the wilderness.
Items like a whistle or a signal mirror can alter fate to issue rescue instead of abandonment.
This wallet-size packet of miniature multi-use survival items includes a whistle, fishing hooks, a signal mirror, a sparker fire starter, waterproof fire-starting material, a compass, duct tape, string, wire, safety pins, aluminum foil, a magnifying lens, nylon thread, a razor blade, a sewing needle, a pencil, and tiny sheets of paper, plus a waterproof instructional sheet on use of the various items.

It can be worn on a belt in a pouch and includes enough gear to make a longer “unplanned wilderness excursion” survivable with some modicum of basic comfort.
Whether it’s a winter survival kit, or just a survival kit in general….you don’t have to spend a fortune to get started. Everything is affordable and if your someone like me whose poor, thisis agood way to at least have something and get started on a survival kit.
If you are going to go away from organized campgrounds and go backpacking it is also advisable to learn some camping survival techniques too. Here are some camping safety and survival tips to get you started: How To Read A Compass How To Start A Campfire Without Matches Purifying Water Bug Repellent Ideas For Camping Waterproofing Matches How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener Planning and Preparation Planning and preparing for your camping trip in advance is an important step not only for reducing stress but also for safety. In this way you can make sure you know your route, where you are going to stay, travel times and the camping gear you need to take with you.
Have a bucket of water or sand, a shovel or a fire extinguisher on hand to put the fire out quickly if you need to.

For beginner, buying a fully made up first aid kit can be the most effective way to ensure you have everything you need. It is also important to know how to use the first aid kit and there are books and even better courses that can be taken that will provide all the information you need to provide first aid. Although not a first aid item, a fully charged cell phone can be an important safety device to allow you to contact rescue services if you need their help. Drinking Water You are going to need to have plenty of clean drinking water while you are camping. More will be added over time along with camp survival tips including things like starting a fire without matches, using nature to navigate, what to do if you get lost, hypothermia prevention tips and so on.

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