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You’re about to discover how to…prepare your home for possible natural disasters and emergencies that are quite inevitable.
As with other potential disasters you need to have a plan in the event of a house fire, be sure that everyone in your household knows it and be sure to practice itwith them. Floods can occur as a disaster all their own, but Floods are often the result of other natural disasters or weather events, which is why they occur so often. Preparing for a flu or other pandemic echoes your preparedness for other natural disasters.
However, unlike facing a hurricane or natural disaster, during a contagious disease outbreak, it is very likely your best move will be to hunker down and stay safe and secure in your own home, rather than consider evacuating and risking exposure.

In preparation for pandemic outbreak stockpile and take vitamins and supplements known to improve your immune system such as: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B-vitamins, Amino Acids such as Lysine and Glycine,Herbal and other Natural Supplements such as Echinacea, Turmeric Extract, Ginger, and Quercetin. Keep a hard copy of this article handy and refer back to it as needed for shelter, water, food – and how to defend yourself and your home, and you will have a fighting chance to survive anything that man or nature can throw at you! The information in this article will increase your odds during a disaster or emergency, but above all else it provides guidance that replaces fear – with confidence. Through this book, you will have lesser worries about whether or not your home is strong and stable enough to resist the possible dangers that these natural disasters and emergencies may bring.
No matter where you live, it is not a question of if you will be facing some kind of natural disaster – but WHEN!

In fact, more Americans die in house fires every year than in all natural disasters combined.

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