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It is possible to find outdoor gear in Malaysia but more often than not, they are impractical, overly priced and limited in terms of choices. A few of us then got together and decided it is time to start an online site that talks about outdoor and camping gear in Malaysia. So, do visit this page from time to time as we will be updating them whenever we spot something really great for use in our Malaysian jungle.
In this video I look at how to repair a tarp that’s been ripped in two and, to make life a little more challenging, I am using a mylar space blanket (which is my survival kit shelter item) rather than a normal every day use tarp.
In a jungle survival situation streams and rivers are the obvious place to look for protein – fish, prawns, crabs, frogs are all there  - and a couple of catapult bands will greatly increase your chances of being able to catch something for dinner.

As with any survival situation your mental approach is going to be a (if not the) key factor that will determine whether you survive or not. As any survival instructor will tell you, having the right state of mind in an emergency situation is critical to your chances of survival. In a survival situation, or if you’ve got lost in the jungle, things have, by definition, already started to go wrong. Some was curious to know what gear is suitable for the Malaysian jungle while others just wanted to know where to get stuff.
I can relate to many of them looking for gear because like them, I too was (once)  in the dark on what gear to use and where to find them in Malaysia.

Sourcing for these outdoor gears in Malaysia at the cheapest price is my way of going around feeding my addiction with my mere salary.

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