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You will want to create a crafting table, which allows you to build more advanced items such as tools and weapons.
Another item you will want to create is a wood pickaxe that you can also create using the recipe above. At this point, you should be crafting planks and placing them on top of one another to build a small structure that your character can live in for safety. Once you have a small shelter, go to the crafting table and then craft a door with planks with the recipe shown above. Now you probably have about a day supply of food and basic tools but you want to survive and thrive I hope.

In Minecraft, you can craft tons of cool and awesome items, like different types of weapons, armor, tools, useful utilities, and food.
The plank is one of the most basic and useful materials in SurvivalCraft, being necessary for a number of implements and recipes. The most important use of wooden planks is making crafting tables, which provides a 3x3 sized crafting grid to the player.
You are stranded on a remote island where you will need to mine resources, create tools, hunt for food, and build shelter so you may survive. With a pickaxe, you can mine the ground below you as well as mine iron and other items that will make the game easier.

Scroll down to the very bottom and you will see a huge and complex map of how to craft lots of different items in Minecraft. This will allow you to browse through all of the craftable items in the game and how to craft them.
Place 8 stones in a circle on the crafting table to get a furnace, now you can cook raw meat using wood and other burn able items.

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