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If you are buying a place on one of our courses as a present for a birthday or other occasion, please do not hesitate to contact the office staff for a beautiful presentation gift pack so that your loved one has something to open on their special day. Over the past two decades the name Ray Mears has become recognised throughout the world as an authority on the subject of Bushcraft and Survival. It is obvious to some, and a surprise to others to discover that Ray has spent his life learning these skills and is truly a master of the subject he calls Wilderness Bushcraft. Ray grew up in Southern England on the North Downs, where he discovered a countryside abundant with wildlife. Digesting every scrap of information relating to survival that he could find in his local library, Ray soon began to learn skills that had not been employed on the North Downs for perhaps as long as ten thousand years. Ray founded Woodlore, the School of Wilderness Bushcraft in 1983 and has been teaching ever since, as he puts it, "to enable others to drink at the well of Bushcraft".

When he first started, there were only a few others in the United Kingdom teaching survival courses, but survival is only one chapter of the Bushcraft story - it is the short-hand version, an ABC nutshell guide. Realising that the subject can be studied at many levels, Ray has adapted his tuition to the needs of his students, a rare ability that has enabled him to teach not only civilian students but also military. Ray is perhaps the foremost expert in his field - certainly the most well travelled; yet people are often surprised to see him rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck in with those that are enjoying Bushcraft for the first time. He has also become a household name through his various television series, including Tracks, World of Survival, Trips Money Can't Buy with Ewan McGregor, The Real Heroes of Telemark and many more.
They are enjoyed by many because of Ray's down to earth approach, his obvious love for his subject and the empathy and respect he shows for indigenous peoples and their cultures.
Since those early days Ray has expanded his horizons, literally travelling the World many times over.

He had fought behind enemy lines in Burma during the Second World War, and taught Ray to challenge conventional wisdom and practices. These simple principles have been enshrined in Ray's Bushcraft philosophy, in both his writing and his teaching.

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