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The whole idea of attending a jungle survival course in Malaysia sends chill down my spine. No jungle survival course would be complete without covering fire and trap making I suppose. For jungle survival training, the pick of the crop of Amazon adventures is the Tahuayo Lodge Amazon Survival Course. The majority of travellers choose softer activities in the Amazon Rainforest such as swimming with pink dolphins, visiting native communities or canoeing tranquil rivers to watch monkeys and parrots move about the forest.
Starting as the western Amazon’s first adventure travel company, the Tahuayo Lodge has a firm grounding in jungle camping and survival training, and for our more adventurous clients, this option is still available.

Outside Magazine wrote a feature article on one of our Amazon Survival course guides called “The Teachings of Gerineldo Moises Chavez” then came a TV program with the same name on our jungle survival itinerary. The Tahuayo Lodge’s jungle survival training program takes place in the remote Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve of north eastern Peru, situated 100 miles SSE of the nearest city, Iquitos. My gf and myself would like to see how we fair with basic survival skill amongst Mother Nature.
The strength of the Tahuayo survival program is the degree of personal attention to clients. Following this, Discovery’s Science of Survival featured a program filmed at the Tahuayo Lodge.

Because so far…I have not heard a single concrete feedback from friends about such courses.
We are moving in the jungle, an opportunity to put into practice some of the things we have learn so far in this jungle survival course.  That I think was what everyone in this jungle survival course was looking forward to. Most are conducted  by ex-military personals and from what I hear, you are guranteed to loose a few kilos after a 5 days course.

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