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The BOSS WFR course will be taught in the town hall of Boulder, Utah, with day trips as needed into the surrounding natural areas. When you're known for being "the toughest survival school in the country," people sometimes wonder what that means. Since 1968, we have offered adventurous souls the chance to learn indigenous skills in an active, hands-on environment in the spectacular landscape of Southern Utah. This WFR course, hosted by BOSS in Boulder, Utah, is taught by the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS and covers all aspects of WMI's 80-hour certification course.

Our commitment to quality and to our core philosophies has earned BOSS its reputation as the survival school to go to when you want to learn from the best in the industry. Run by survival guru Tony Nester since 1989, Ancient Pathways offers classes in the art of bushcraft -- "walking into the wilderness with a minimum of gear and relying on your skills while foraging and depending on nature's resources," as Nester puts it -- ranging from four to 14 days. You'll learn to locate and collect water from a man, Chief Instructor Thomas Coyne, who knows something about desert survival: Coyne has hiked across Death Valley in summer without bringing any food or water. These courses teach trapping, tracking, fire by friction and other survival skills that could save your life if you get lost in the woods.

The Anake Outdoor School -- a school within a school -- offers its survival programs, including a 9-month wilderness immersion course, in the Pacific Northwest.

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