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Traffic survival schools are designed to reach individuals who have exhibited a disregard for traffic laws and the safety of others.
Anyone receiving a Traffic Survival School Order or suspension from the National Safety Council. Anyone who receives a Court order requiring Traffic Survival School must complete the class by the date indicated. Anytime you are convicted of running a red light (or flashing red light) you must attend Traffic Survival School.

However, if attending a TSS class is the only or last step to reinstating your license, you may take your original certificate of completion (received at the end of class) to MVD to apply for reinstatement.
If you received a ticket and want to attend a class to avoid points associated with the violation, you need a defensive driving class which we do not offer. They'll keep you safe and make you feel confident while you learn on the road.These are just a few of the many advantages that you will receive by attending our Tucson driving school! You will need to wait to receive a Traffic Survival School Order to attend the Traffic Survival School.

Traffic Survival School is for individuals who have already been assessed points and are required to go by the MVD or court order.
You may also reinstate your license online ten business days after the date you attended class.

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