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For Tahoe, I am excited to see a strong clutch of new vendors establishing themselves and defining a new voice. And Tahoe and Truckee have a perception – well earned and real, of being a quaint community filled with warm and welcome people. There is something special about getting married in the hushed winter season, or vibrant fall season in Lake Tahoe. Cross-country or downhill skiing fun: Whether you are an avid skier or not, a Lake Tahoe winter wedding provides the perfect opportunity to try a hand at the sport. Enjoy a fine wine: After a long day of Lake Tahoe adventuring, we recommend stopping in to Uncorked wine bar for a delightful snack of artisan cheese paired with a delicious fine wine. Whether your Lake Tahoe wedding is two years or two months away, there are always a gazillion details to consider.
Tahoe Unveiled is here to help you sort through all the details and have a general sense of what is expected. I remember when I was designing my gowns, I would find inspiration in the miniature budding pine cones in a noble fir at the lake.

This partnered with the continual opening up of venue assets and activity experiences will continue to push Tahoe to claiming its world class status as a wedding destination. The Tahoe Truckee wedding market is flooded with great resources, services, products and vendors.
There is no off season for weddings in Lake Tahoe, with gorgeous white weddings in the winter, or magical spring or summer weddings surrounded by greenery and blooming flowers, and enchanting fall unions. With snow quietly falling and blanketing the earth, winter weddings in Lake Tahoe bring a feeling of utter romance and classic elegance.
Tahoe Cross Country in Tahoe City boasts 65 miles of groomed trials for cross-country ski fanatics. With three locations (Squaw, Tahoe City and Truckee), Uncorked wine bar provides wedding goers the chance to relax and enjoy a quiet wine tasting.
I am thrilled to have the opportunity to interview him and share his knowledge on destination weddings in Lake Tahoe.
But what’s actually true is that Tahoe and Truckee are a continual line of several quaint communities, each filled with warm and welcoming people.

No matter what season the big day falls in, friends and family of the new couple will rejoice with all of the incredible things to do in Lake Tahoe. And lucky for wedding guests winter also brings world class skiing and snow activities to keep everyone entertained! And for those who want to fly down hills instead of getting a workout, Lake Tahoe gives travelers and locals a huge array of choices for downhill skiing, including Sugar Bowl, Northstar California, and Squaw Valley. Grumpy tired angst out guests make any event a drag… and Tahoe is not a kind place for logistics.

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