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Wallpaper magazine asked the Contemporary Industrial Design Company Fort Standard to design a piece for their Handmade Exhibition in Milan during Salone Del Mobile, they set out to design a survival kit with the intention of creating something which looked and felt as precious as its contents. Every home needs a safety kit, every holiday or hike needs a survival kit – because you never know what you will ran into (or what will run into you). The Vargo BOT is not only a Bottle and Pot, it can also be used as a waterproof container to hold survival kits, emergency food for you pack, of first aid kit. The Vargo BOT when used as a pot can be heated over a camp fire, and also works real well over a gas canister stove and the Vargo Hexagon wood burning stove!

The Pot Lifter is a handy device for lifting the Vargo BOT, pots, mugs, survival tins, etc. If you want a way to carry your Waterproof Pot Survival Kit over your shoulder, we offer the BOT Para-Cover.
Too bad a lot of these survival kits are hideous, always too big, too heavy or just not practical. New York based design studio Fort Standard created an excellent survival kit, one that is stunning to see and can actually save your life.

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