Stockman pocket knife sheath, radley credit card holder uk - PDF Review

Categories: Classic Folding Knives | Author: admin 18.06.2015

There's a been a time or two I've pulled out a bandana from my side pocket when wearing Dockers or cargo pants, and the 'nut came sliding out on a restaurant booth seat. I like the look of that sheath Gary, I have a couple of sheaths that knives came with that just don't do it for me, but that one seems to be a great Idea.
I have a couple of French knives that came with pouches, tight fit and the rough or suede side of the leather on the outside.
With the pocket sheaths I assume you put the knife in the sheath and stick the sheath in the front pocket. I was going to just make a pocket sheath, but after looking at some of what you guys have, I'm gonna do a double sheath for my peanut as well as my Fenix EO1.
It makes it much easier to access the stuff by pulling the pouch up by the flap from the bottom of the pocket.

I have 10 of the pocket sheaths, and they'll handle everything from a small toothpick to a large stockman (from experience). I generally like the way that most pocket knives ride better in a slip than just loose in my pocket. I just slide the sheath out of my pocket, turn it over and pinch the bottom of it, and the knife slides out. Generally, I find if a knife is flat (the Micra pictured or many traditional single blade knives like the Buck 500 series) I almost don't notice it. It's been long enough that it has now become a very important item to me, and the loss from sliding out of a pocket is not a peasant one.
I have some light leather, so I think in the next few days I'm going to sew up something like I have for my keyring sheath the classic rides in.

If you don't care that much about your knives getting full of lint, scratched up by keys, coins, etc. I can put it in my pocket with the flap back and have access to the knife quickly or flap down for more security. When not in my pocket I can lay out one knife on top of the flap and admire it, with the other in its pouch.

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