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The Edge Observer is a site dedicated to knife reviews, primarily focusing on folding knives. Spyderco Chinese Folder Glass Fiber Handle Review model : C65CFThe carbon fiber scaled version of Bob Lum's classic gentleman's folder.
Spyderco Chokwe Review : model C132GA titanium frame lock design is inspired by an African utility knife. Spyderco Massad Ayoob G10 Sprint Run Model C60GA back lock designed by self defence expert Masaad Ayoob. Spyderco Vallotton Sub-Hilt Folder Model C149GA heavy duty tactical folder designed by Butch Vallotton. Spyderco Brad Southard FlipperSouthard and Spyderco team up to deliver the manufacturer's first flipper.
The Zulu knife is a custom collaboration between Spyderco and Jens Anso, a talented and innovative designer and knifemaker.

The Zulu knife's scales are the result of Jens pioneering work in chiseling G-10 handles to create a texture that keeps the knife firmly stable for gripping while creating an aesthetically rewarding style. The Zulu was the second of this three collaborations with the company, and it is certainly the best.
All of these amazing design features come together on a fabulously well made knife produced by Spyderco in its Taichung, Taiwan, factory. Consensus in the knife world is that these are among the best Spyderco knives made, including those produced in the Golden, Colorado, factory. It can, nonetheless, be tracked down both on forums and eBay and on specialty retailer sites that deal in knives, like Bento Box Shop. Anso, one of the most popular custom knife and tool makers, has had a number of production collaborations, some with Fox, some with Boker, but his best collab knife, in my opinion, is the Spyderco Zulu. Its swooping belly and pronounced recurve make it an excellent cutter and a very good knife in the kitchen.

The Zulu’s handle has a corrugated pattern cut into the G10, a pattern that looks something like fish scales but really locks the hand in place.
Over the last few years, this factory’s reputation has soared as it has┬áproduced knife after knife of superb quality.
What a producer like Spyderco needs is not a black version of the Tenacious made in Red China, what it needs is more interesting products with a brave design language.

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