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I personally love kydex sheaths in combination with the Spyderco G-clip which I've claimed more than once ,deserves a knife industry wide award.
A beautiful example of historic knife maker Bob Lum’s Fixed Blade Tanto design with a company truly embraced with history, a pioneer in the knife industry, Sal Glesser of Spyderco Knives. I've purchased about 2 dozen G-clips from the Spyderco factory store and installed them on virtually every kydex sheathed knife I own, regardless of maker.
Spyderco previously released an all black version of the knife (in another Sprint run) which was very cool. If I used this knife regularly, I would complain, but as a collectable I can set that gripe aside and appreciate that Spyderco wanted to make this knife unique.

The handle has full stainless steel liners, and on the non-locking side they have been milled out to reduce weight.The ergonomics on the Lum Tanto are good, mainly because we have such a large handle here. The Lum Tanto uses a 12mm Spyderhole which is adequately sized and easily accessible on both sides of the knife. As for speed of deployment, this is not a knife I flick open, the heavy blade makes that difficult.The Lum Tanto makes use of a solid liner lock. My Sage is perhaps the most immaculate Spyderco I own (and I have multiple blades from Taiwan, US and Japan). Spyderco does have a great warranty department and I found that out when I sent in my Smallfly for service.

My thought would be to take some pictures and post them on BladeForums in the Spyderco section or on the Spyderco Forums.

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