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I looked at a Sony 4K in 65" (no 70" in the lineup), a Sony LED 65" (an earlier model), and the Sharp 70" 4K. The AQUOS 4K offers four times the resolution of full HD, backed with a THX certification; this means your favorite shows and movies are four times sharper and more realistic. I believe this to be the glass used is similar in that it is shinier than the Sharp which is more of a matte finish. The goal was to create a display that ensures you see the image closest to what the director intended.After Sharp perfected the LC-70UD1U, they tested it - THX Ltd.

After much waffling I chose the Sharp due to it being the same size as my Elite and it was also a 4K set. Sharp's 4K TV uses a two-step upscaling process; first, the dual-core processor adjusts the signal for optimum picture quality. Sharp Smart TVs allow you to engage the Web browser and split the screen so you can continue watching your favorite program while you order a pizza. Sharp's 4K TV is capable of simulated surround sound playback; it can also send and receive a Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound signal.

The problem was Sharp had bought the Elite technology from Pioneer after they decided to get out of the TV business.
My dealer contacted Sharp with pictures I took and after several calls it was decided they would give a credit toward a new set or a refurbished Elite.

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