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A Labour Ministry inspector has ordered self-defence training and protective equipment for guards at the Roy McMurtry youth jail in Brampton after a series of violent attacks that prompted a lockdown, according to the employees’ union. Many of the inmates are gang-affiliated and come from Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods.
She did not confirm the self-defence and protective equipment order but did say the Labour Ministry had investigated.
The best martial arts facilities in Toronto promise to boost your fitness, gain self-defense skills, and prepare you to kick some serious butt. With two Toronto locations, Krudar Muay Thai promises a fun and innovative workout, while keeping to the muay Thai training core.

With three conveniently located facilities in Toronto (downtown, midtown, and the Danforth), the Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai Academy promises that you won't find any 'meatheads' at their gym (ladies, rejoice).
Krav Maga Toronto on Dundas West is one of two certified Krav Maga training centers, both affiliated with different organizations. With a number of locations in Toronto and around the GTA, Ultimate Martial Arts promises that its classes will challenge your body in a way you've never experienced.
Their Kensington Market location has a ring and open class studio as well cardio and weight equipment to further sculpt those muscles. They're only one of three clubs in Toronto that offers the Russian martial art, which is marked by its focus on ensuring neither you nor your sparring partner is hurt.

As a reader, there are many martial art studio in Toronto from Karate, Tae Kwon Do Kung Fu to Kendo. There are so many gyms in toronto and MOST are very good so if other gyms did not make this list it is not because they are not good it is simply who you know or how exposed you are. I've trained in Thai for a few years before a move to Toronto, and while trying out Krudar I noticed that they don't really teach beginners basic stance, movement or technique.

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