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We have a range of classes on offer so take a look at the classes we have and then contact us to arrange your free trial and get started. Or if you’re not sure which is right for you why not contact us and a self defence consultant will ring you to discuss your goals and how best we can help. All of our self defence classes, seminars, workshops and courses keep this in mind and tailor your training to your needs.

Our classes are also a superb vehicle to help defend against cardiovascular disease, weight gain, diabetes and stress related illnesses.
Gary is a senior defensive tactics trainer with over 20 years of experience deploying combative based activities. The phenomenal success of the club means we are now bringing Jindokai Karate to families in Milton Keynes.

Students in Milton Keynes and Northampton will learn punches, kicks, blocks, evasion, locks, takedowns and even some ground grappling.

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