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At Top Food Storage Reviews we love looking at preparedness products, especially new products and brands as hope springs eternal.
So there you have it, by technical knockout Emergency Essentials’ Provident Pantry Freeze-Dried Green Beans has beaten out the newcomer to the ring Rocky Mountain Reserves by a count of  3 to 0. I’d gently point out that this applies solely to Mountain House foods, not to freeze-dried food in general and certainly not to some brands (not the two in this post) that are essentially dry blends with a freeze dried pea or mushroom in the mix. To apply to other brands, those other brands would need to have the same level of experience and expertise as Mountain House, not only with freeze drying technology, but also with packaging structures, manufacturing, process control, quality assurance, etc. Many brands make claims that their products are just as good and will last just as long as Mountain House.
I agree that if a company could duplicate the technology, materials, processes and expertise of Mountain House, the result would probably be similar to Mountain House products.
I agree, Mountain House has shown it is possible to reach those levels and if other companies create a similar product in every way there is no reason to think their’s wont last as long.
I agree there are some companies like Wise Food Storage who don’t practice smart procedures on some of their products (nitrogen flush and no 02 absorber) as one example.

If you are on the trail, keep food with you at all times and do not leave your pack unattended.
In campgrounds, all scented items as well as water containers and pet food must be stored in a closed vehicle or storage locker provided at the campground.
Today we are going to take a look at Rocky Mountain Food Reserves, a new in-house private label brand for Nitro-Pak and compare their freeze dried green beans head to head with the Emergency Essentials Freeze Dried Green Beans. Most conflicts between bears and people are linked to careless handling of food or garbage.
Freeze-dried foods are more expensive by nature when compared to dehydrated food storage and you can find some significant price differences from brand to brand.
Traditionally speaking #10 cans have outperformed mylar pouches when it comes to keeping the food decaying properties out of food’s reach. While Nitro Pak has been around for even longer than Emergency Essentials, Nitro-Pak’s in house brand, Rocky Mountain has not been around nearly as long as Provident Pantry.
At a price of 14.95 per can at the time of this review, the Emergency Essentials can was 25% less than the Rock Mountain Food Reserves.

Again most items that are 100% freeze dried food are going to last about the same time when stored in a #10 can.
Once a bear has found food which is easily accessible, it will overcome its wariness of people and visit the site often. That is why you don’t pay so much attention to fill weights when it comes to freeze-dried foods. Both cans advertise a 6 oz weight so there is no need to compare cost per ounce since the food amounts are the same. The only exception to these rules occur during food transport, preparation, eating and clean-up.
Black bears can live up to 30 years, but the average is 20 years.They are very opportunistic and can easily develop a taste for human food and garbage.

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