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This class is geared towards those with little to no experience in Cuban Folkloric dance, as well as those who would like to review the basics. Class attire: Students dance barefoot and should wear yoga pants, leggings, or sweat pants, and bring a long, flow-y skirt if possible.
Tika’s class is amazing… I'm not exaggerating when I say EVERYONE should have an opportunity to take it.  In fact,  the descriptor "Latin Fusion" downplays it.
Jose Carlos and Adonis were trained by Maestro Rivero and danced in his famed Danza del Caribe based out of Santiago de Cuba. The Introductory taiko class will cover basic fundamental skills and history which will prepare students to advance to the next level of classes. New students should arrive 15 minutes early (10:15am) for the first class at to complete registration. In this energetic class we will learn to move to the wildly popular "Reggaetón" while exploring the movement styles that inform this hot Latin Dance expression. Although students may drop in at any time, it is recommended for newcomers to start the class on the FIRST Monday of every month if possible as the class is progressive. Dancers will learn all of the elements of Vogue, though the focus will remain primarily on Old Way style. In order to best understand the movement, there will be cultural lesson component to each class. The class consists of a warm-up, with concentration on undulation exercises, followed by across the floor and open dance combinations designed to work on dancers physical endurance, posture and artistry. Those with no experience should take this class before taking the regularly scheduled Thursday evening class. Class will start with a warm-up where students dance alone, getting used to the salsa rhythm.
Each class combines Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Video Dance and classic Bump-n-Grind moves set to a fun, high-energy soundtrack; which results in a great cardio work out, while strengthening the fundamentals of current popular dance styles. The class consists of a warm-up, undulation exercises, across the floor and open floor dance combinations.
He teaches 4 packed classes a week at Dance Mission Theater, not only Allan's base but also the home of his hip hop ensemble, Mind Over Matter, which performs throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Joti has studied West African dance from Guinea for over a decade with master dancers Moustapha Bangoura, Alseny Soumah, Naby Bangoura, Youssouf Koumbassa and Mamady Sano. Starting his career steeped in the improvisation of freestyle hip-hop, Jocquese has added modern, classical, and Diasporic dance traditions over the last several years. Rueda de Casino is a popular dance where pairs of dancers form a circle and execute dance moves called out by one person, "the caller." This class focuses on the basics of Rueda de Casino (formation, various ways of swapping partners, leading and following and basic turns).
After Aquarela's Maria Souza who officated as Queen of 1995, Silvana was elected Carnaval Queen of San Francisco in 1996. David applies a constructivist teaching method to reach everyone from the amateur hip-hop enthusiast to the more experienced or classically trained dancer. The class will then transition to partners, where students learn moves such as setenta, quapea, enchufle, el dedo.
This open-level class is perfect for beginners, while offering enough technique for more established dancers; includes a warm up, step-by-step breakdown, routine and cool down. This class features a warm up, stretching and body isolation's followed by step breakdown and routines that are sure to make you smile all over! With an emphasis on funk, flow and authenticity, this class encourages its all-level community of students to surrender to the beat in a supportive and loving atmosphere that values the cultivation of an individual's internal rhythm and style.
She began producing high energy, underground, sold-out hip-hop shows in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District in 1993. The goal of his class is to provide a framework of choreography in which each dancer will be able to add their own personal style and attitude. Class will end with a final movement phrase that connects the material already learned throughout class.
Dancers will learn choreography as they move by working in half time and through repetition. This class really moves and is an immersion for the body and soul! YOU WILL SWEAT!  Open Level - Shoes Optional. The class will be taught in a monthly rotation by Embodiment Project company members, Jena McRae, Mika Lemoine, Jennifer "Jenay" Anolin, and Nicole Klaymoon.
In 2004, she became co-founder of Sambamora Dance Company which offers dance classes, performances and costume design in the Bay Area.

RTL has continually offered participants the opportunity to experience Haitian music, dance and culture through classes, workshops, performances and educational events in both the United States and in Haiti. In this class you will learn social and religious dances including Petwo, Ibo, Kongo, Banda, Gede, Rada, Nago, and Djouba - to name a few. Those shows led up to the creation of the First Annual San Francisco Hip Hop DanceFest in 1999. The class will be accompanied by drummer Bongo Sidibe from Conakry, Guinea, who has studied with Mamady Keita at his school Tam Tam Mandingue, Conakry. The class will start with a fifteen minute warm-up where we focus on core work and isolations. Now with seven years of success and presented at the historic Palace of Fine arts Theatre, the San Francisco Hip Hop DanceFest has grown into one of the most exciting events of the year.
Most of all, the class is designed for people to feel comfortable (and shake their tails!) David phases elements of B-boying, old school and more modern video-style choreography. A passionate believer in education and youth development, she has worked for several youth organizations including The Young Performers Theater, The San Francisco Arts Education Project, Westlake School of the Arts, Opera Picolla, DanceVersity and Swivel Arts. He is currently an adjunct faculty member at the University of San Francisco where he teaches Hip-Hop Dance in the Performing Arts and Social Justice Department.
She has created works such as "Half and Halves,"  "The Madness of the Elephant," and "Red Saffron and Green."  Joti has received funding from the Creative Work Fund, the San Francisco Arts Commission, Dancers' Group's New Stages, the Alliance for California Traditional Arts, and the American India Foundation.
She teaches all over the SF Bay Area, including Dance Mission Theater and the San Francisco School of the Arts.

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