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For those of you who are less than intimately familiar with the numerous different pocket knife designs on the market today, you may find it interesting to know that pocket knives are classified by both the shape of the handle and the number of blades it has as well as the shape of those blades. I'm excited to bring to you my Kershaw Chill review, writing this post and reviewing this knife was something I have been looking forward to because it has become a popular knife since its introduction in 2010. It features high quality brass bolsters with rounded edges and increasingly rare Macassar Ebony wood slabs. Consequenty, not only is the Schatt & Morgan Mountain Man Lockback folding knife meticulously crafted from high quality components, it displays the sort of attention to detail normally reserved only for expensive, custom-made, folding knives. I hope you enjoyed reading this pocket knife review and brief retelling of Schatt and Morgan’s history. I really like Kershaw knives, and as I'm sure you know, they are a big player in the pocket knife industry with many models to choose from.
In addition, it also features dark brown, worm jigged, bone handle slabs with brass liners, a lanyard loop, and high quality nickel silver bolsters.
Thus, in purchasing a Schatt & Morgan folding knife, not only will you be purchasing an extremely high quality folding knife that could easily be passed down to several generations of your descendants, you will also be purchasing a fine piece of American cutlery history.

By 1903 Schatt & Morgan was manufacturing 40,000 knives per year in the Titusville plant and had twelve salesmen on the road with sales all around the country according to newspaper reports of the day and several building expansions were undertaken to keep up with production beginning as early as 1907.
When holding this knife in the hand, the first thing I notice is its considerable heft which seems to lend it a sense of quality. These small knives are important tools that can be carried by anyone and which were proven as vital in many situations.
These department heads apparently had been making skeleton knives (knives without handle scales) on the sly since around 1918 and then wholesaling them out on their own.
Today, the brand name of Schatt & Morgan is widely recognized among knife collectors as some of the highest quality American-made cutlery in existence due to the use of high quality steels and meticulous attention paid to fit and finish. Because small knives usually have a mobile mechanism, they will fail when attempting to take on a too difficult job.Use logic and common sense when choosing your knife. There are pocket knives – the multi-tool type, which have as much as 87 distinct implements!.Clicking on the product details will get you to Amazon Product Page. As we know, folding knives do not take as much stress and can fold back when the pressure is too big.

Buck 301BKS StockmanWe’re also enlisting one multi-blade for the title of best pocket knife  – here is another Buck, one that features 3 stainless steel blades. This model has set a standard for other manufacturers, but the Buck quality and craftsmanship could never be equaled. A pocket knife is enough and will be useful not only in day-to-day situations, but also when lost in the wilderness or when camping outside.
You will be bound to your pocket knife as you will be handling it so often for such an array of tasks. A pocket knife can easily become your most important tool, and you must make an informed decision.

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