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If you are interested in further investigations into the Kenyan security market, here is a link to the KSIA mentioned in the beginning.
This is another great use of technology and leveraging the established networks and their personal technologies to increase the security and commerce in a rural place. Kenya’s private security industry is undergoing radical changes triggered by numerous threats arising from terrorism activities in the country. Kenya has been on high security alert since October last year when the military entered Somalia in Operation Linda Nchi, to fight Al-Shabaab. Below I have posted two articles that discuss the latest efforts that the Kenyan government is taking in order to work with and regulate their PSC industry in order to better prepare them for counter-terror efforts. He said the Security firms can play a big role in bringing security services closer to members of the public. Tourism is also a big component of Kenya’s economy, and with so many other threats to their economy, it would make sense that they would try to shore up their security services there.
Coast police officer Aggrey Adoli with security staff from various hotels along the coastline after they attended an anti-terrorism training organised by XFOR security Solutions-Kenya on February 13, 2012. The fight against terrorism continued to gather momentum after the government teamed up with private security firms to seek a joint solution to the crime.
On Monday, the police department promised to work closely with private security firms in Coast Province, particularly along the 600 kilometre coastline to prevent any further terrorists attacks. A joint training is being conducted in Mombasa, organised by a British based security private firm, XFOR Security Solution and top police officers.
They are gathered at the Nyali Reef Hotel to coach more than 100 participants from different security firms.
The merger comes days after a security firm, Brinks Security based in Mombasa aided in the arrest of a British who was taking pictures near the Central Bank, Mombasa branch and various sensitive premises in Mombasa town.

Speaking while opening the training, Coast Provincial Police boss Aggrey Adoli and provincial Anti-Terrorism department head Elijah Rop said the knowledge will ensure private security firms’ employees are conversant with various explosives which might be a threat to the business they offer security services to.
Companies that specialise in one or select number of services have come up, intensifying competition with those that dominated before. I am always interested in PSC or PMC news in other parts of the world, so here is a story about the market in Kenya of all places. And to be able to prove that they are the better company requires an excellent strategic communications plan, and quality control for services rendered. A final note for this article, is that it is filled with the names of some interesting PSC players in Kenya.
Intense competition in the private security market is pushing service providers to turn to marketing and public relations to boost their visibility in the marketplace.
Previously, firms such as G4S Security, KK Security and Wells Fargo seldom bothered about publicity and often relied on walk-in clients and recommendation from their clients to net in new clients, especially corporate customers. But competition from the top players and new entrants such as Senaca and more visible Brinks Security has forced a change in strategy and the market leaders are racing to grow and defend their marketshare.
Abdinoor, chief executive officer of African Shipping Line, Espada’s local agentEspada has 14 vessels with armed personnel who will offer security from the East African ports to Yemen. Most of the firm’s security team have military training and experience in defending ships, Mr Abdinoor said. While Espada has greatly expanded its security operations in the area….we do NOT have 14 vessels operating in the Indian Ocean. A private US security firm is working with a Mombasa-based shipping line to provide armed escort to ships using the East Coast of Africa in a bid to order to reduce piracy along Somalia’s coast. Espada Logistics and Security Group, based in San Antonio, Texas, plans to invest up to $50 million to boost its vessels, which will be deployed in East Africa to escort vessels from the ports of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam to Yemen.

Ships are currently avoiding the Somalia waters and are taking a longer route, said Mr Ibrahim Ahmed Abdinoor, chief executive officer of African Shipping Line, Espada’s local agentEspada has 14 vessels with armed personnel who will offer security from the East African ports to Yemen. They have learned how to post a tweet using their text messaging feature and basic services on their phone. The firms are struggling to meet new demands that seek to align their operations with those of government security agencies. The reason why this is important to Kenya is that terrorism has increased in their country and it is a threat to their tourism industry. It is a UK company and they are teaming up with police officers from Kenya to train other PSC’s in the country. From high oil prices to droughts, Kenya is having to take measures to better their economic prospects. KKLogit for example specialises in provision of cash-in-transit services, challenging industry leaders like G4S, Wells Fargo and BM Security Services. We have 3 vessels we use on charter when needed for special security projects (cable-layers, barges, heavy lift, etc).
Police Spokesman Eric Kiraithe said the idea is to ensure that security guards complement police and other agencies like the National Security Intelligence Service and the military in the war against terrorism. So enter the private security market and the current requirements for protecting the resorts and game reserves. That network has now increased it’s security and commerce, because it can plan and react based on better information coming in.

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