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Natural Cordage Bowdrill, Secrets of Fire and Making Jams, Jellies & Preserves — Coming up in our Friday Skills Club Workshops! Practical Primitive T-shirts, DVDs, Books & More are all available through The Trading Blanket —Check it out!
We focus our workshops on specific topics, and provide Personal Mentoring sessions on almost any aspect of Traditional and Primitive skills. Small classes, Personal Mentoring, reasonable prices, weekend workshops — we have dedicated our program to providing you with the best in affordable, top-quality instruction in a wide variety of Primitive and Traditional skills. Workshops that focus on specific topics, our traveling Skills 2 You program, one-on-one Mentoring, and Virtual Instruction; we provide options that will fit your lifestyle, and help you to build a strong and stable repertoire of skills. Eddie Starnater is one of the top Primitive and Survival Skills experts in the United States, and has been practicing and perfecting Primitive and Survival skills since childhood. As a teacher and instructor of all aspects of Primitive and Survival skills, tracking, hunting, fishing, traditional living, self-reliance and awareness for over 20 years, Eddie has been a major influence on the current generation of primitive skills instructors. Eddie has published instructional articles on topics ranging from flintknapping to kiln building to primitive cooking.

More than just an expert practitioner, Eddie has an amazing ability to teach the many skills he has perfected and pass them on to all who wish to learn.
Julie Martin has been practicing Primitive & Survival Skills full time for the past 10 years and teaching for the last four. You'll get your hands on every skill we teach, with plenty of time to practice and lots of opportunity to ask questions.
With single-day and weekend workshops, a free monthly Open Skills Night, our popular e-newsletter, Virtual Instruction, Home Study modules, a variety of Intensive Skills Programs and work-exchange Internship opportunities, we are constantly striving to find new ways to bring these skills to anyone who seeks to learn them.
Over the past 40 years Eddie has become a Master Flintknapper, and an expert bowyer, tracker, primitive potter and maker of all types of primitive weaponry. His unparalleled ability to break a skill down into easily understood and quickly learned Principles allows his students to progress leaps and bounds beyond what they may have learned at other schools.
While fascinated and humbled by all the skills of our ancestors, Julie's biggest passions have become fire, rock, and plants. At Practical Primitive, our committment is to providing you with the practical means for you to master and integrate the knowledge of our shared ancestry into your modern life.

He has spent years living in the woods and off the land, learning edible and medicinal plants and perfecting his wide range of Wilderness Survival skills — both on countless Survival Outings in many eco-systems around the country, and while living for months at a time in a long-term shelter in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Eddie left Tracker and founded Practical Primitive together with Julie Martin in January 2007. The small-group, adult-only workshops for which the school has become known provide a unique and unparalleled opportunity for those who wish to learn quality skills from one who has spent the majority of his life working, learning, and perfecting the Sacred Primitive Arts that have served mankind for millennia. After spending a year increasing efficiency, improving student relations, reorganizing the Tracker office, and running the School Store, Julie left Tracker behind and, together with Eddie Starnater, founded Practical Primitive.

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