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Check this out!Participating in NatureFuture Necessities Wilderness Skills Trainingand Primitive Technology Blake S.
A outfitter on the Northern Peninsula said he's almost booked up for the hunting season that won't start for another six months, adding that the dropping Canadian dollar is helping to bring in hunters from outside the province. BOSS's reputation may have been created by its Field courses, but we soon discovered that many people want to learn traditional wilderness skills without the necessity of hiking miles and miles each day.
The course is now offered in two lengths, a 7-day format that delivers a solid foundation of basic wilderness skills and a 14-day format that builds on that foundation, adding more advanced skills and additional wilderness experiences. Primitive Skills courses are taught in two possible settings just outside of Boulder, Utah: the Boulder Mountain basecamp and the desert valley basecamp. The 7-Day Primitive Living Skills course typically includes instruction in primitive skills such as: bow drill friction fires, basic lithics, debris shelters, cordage methods, basic edible plants, trapping, and basic hunting tools.

The 14-Day Primitive Living Skills course contains all of the content of the 7-Day course, plus additional skills relating to a Solo wilderness experience. Once Solo ends, students return to the basecamp and build upon the skills covered during Week One. BOSS requires that all Primitive Living Skills course applicants undergo a complete physical examination and receive their physician's approval in writing prior to final acceptance on the course. The enthusiastic outdoor educators from Outward Bound Canada are setting up camp at Jericho Beach and leading workshops for youth and adults.
Other primitive skills may also be covered based in the time available based on the energy level and skill level of the students. The second week of 14-Day Skills begins students being placed in their own solo site, giving each a chance to put his or her previously learned skills to the test while enjoying some solitude.

While at times, instruction will be done in lecture format, it will be done in the field where students can see what they are learning in situ and can practice their skills in a natural environment. In the decades since, the curriculae of the courses have grown to include a list of topics that is both broad and deep, giving students a solid introduction to and advanced instruction in primitive living skills.
Topics will include an understanding of the history, tradition and cultural significance behind a selection of primitive expedition skills.
In this timely follow-up to The Ultimate Survival Manual, Prepare for Anything is packed with hundreds of gear, skills, and survival tips and strategies to help you be ready for anything.

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