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There is no way to know or guarantee this clip will fit an existing three hole pattern clip on a production knife, but it probably will. NOTE: If you purchase this clip for your production knife and it doesn't fit, send it back and we will refund it. There are too many out there and we couldn't even begin to maintain a list of the tens of thousands of pocket knives out there. The resin coat is thick enough to give the clip a very nice 3D look when you move it around under the light. It features a thin profile, stainless pocket clip, liner locking one hand opening 420HC blade, and red paperstone handles with great looking designs. This knife has been discontinued by Buck knives, and we are happy offer it to you direct from their factory in Post Falls Idaho. The tanto shape has an inherently strong tip which makes the knife ideal for stabbing and thrust cuts – the kinds of cuts you would be performing in a defensive situation. One issue with the chisel grind is that it is hard to get a straight cut, the blade tends to drift towards the chisel side of the knife.

That said, when you consider the price of this knife new (in the $120 range) a lot of people like to see more exotic steels. I always prefer the pillar, or flow-through, construction knives but I know that this knife was meant to be tough so a partial backspacer makes sense as it probably affords more rigidity. Also, the clip isn’t reversible from top to bottom so you are left with tip up carry only. If you are right handed and want to use the wave feature this should be fine, but for everyone else the non-positional clip leaves something to be desired.Deployment and LockThe CQC-7 has two main deployment options, the wave and the thumb disk. It is big and the edges are ridged and provides a lot of room for you to easily deploy the knife with your thumb.
I find the slot of the screw to be a little thin and impractical, but if you had to take this knife apart in the field it could be done.Emerson selected a titanium liner lock for the CQC-7. That said, for a combat knife you might want something more substantial like a frame lock, axis lock or even a lock back. Knifemakers are raising the bar and I have reviewed a number of knives with solid titanium frame locks.

Some guys only carry Emerson knives while others have had a few and decided to trade or sell them off.Personally, the quality and history behind the knives intrigues me but I am somewhat turned off by the chisel grind, relatively high price tag, and especially the non-ambidextrous pocket clip.
That said, Emerson does make dedicated lefty models and there is plenty left to appreciate about this knife. The rugged design, solid build quality, and details that make an Emerson, well, an Emerson continue to please a large number of tactical knife enthusiasts.I recommend purchasing the CQC-7 at BladeHQ. Thanks again Smashy!Please note that these pictures are actually of the Mini CQC-7 but the knives look very similar (with the only difference being the overall size of the knives).If you enjoyed this review, get free email updates (no spam).

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