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From next month, pocket knives with blades of up to six centimetres are to be allowed on flights in the US.
POCKET KNIVES AND sports equipment are to be allowed on US flights from next month, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced. This is despite the fact that no explosives were involved in the hijacking of the four planes on September 11.

Starting April 25, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will permit small knives and most sporting good equipment on planes in carry-on luggage, a new security conference held today revealed. Many baseball and softball bats will still be prohibited, but lightweight plastic, wiffle and novelty bats will be excluded from the ban.
Two months ago he decided to lift the ban, saying the move would enable airport security officers to focus on bigger threats, such as explosives.Just days before the TSA planned to lift the ban April 25, Pistole said he was temporarily putting off the policy change to consider the comments and concerns of a security panel made up of pilots, flight attendants and other airline workers.

Pistole had considered lifting the ban on such sporting equipment as well.The plan to lift the ban generated harsh criticism and protests from lawmakers and flight attendants who pointed out that the terrorists who hijacked the planes on Sept.

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