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No person who has upon his person or within his immediate physical possession or control, whether the same be visible or concealed, any switch-blade knife, as defined in Sec.
If you have never carried a knife before, I highly recommend starting out with something REASONABLY priced.
21.36, any knife with a blade three (3) inches or more in length, any ice pick, awl, dirk, dagger, stiletto, or similar sharp stabbing tool, any straight-edged razor, razor blade fitted to a handle, razor with an unguarded blade, or any cutting, stabbing or bludgeoning weapon or device intended to be used as a club or capable of inflicting grievous bodily harm, shall loaf or loiter upon any public street, way, sidewalk, alley, or at any athletic event, dance or other such gathering to which the public, or a number thereof, are admitted, or in or about a public park, beach, other recreational area, school, or any other public building or place, or to wander about from place to place with no lawful business thereby to perform or to hide, lurk, or loiter upon or about the premises of another.

Los Angeles City and LA county prohibit the carrying IN PLAIN VIEW of any knife longer than 3". Deep pocket carry with the clip exposed may be a non-issue with one officer or may invite further investigation for potential violation by another. I highly suggest you do not carry a knife over a 3" blade length if you live in one of those cities.

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