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The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is responsible for collecting surrendered items since the terror crackdown at the country's airports.
The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is responsible for collecting the surrendered items. Gordon Smith, senior chaplain at Calgary International Airport said it’s a shame all those items go to waste.
Surrendered items all end up in the same place at his airport thanks to a written contract between the airport authority and his chaplaincy to dispose of the items — however he sees fit.

Thanks to a crackdown on terrorism at airports across the country, Smith said business is booming at the monthly chapel thrift store where he sells thousands of items surrendered by travellers.
They get lots of items that could be used as a weapon — hunting knives, toy guns, even belt buckles that look like grenades, Smith said. The same is true for the Canada Border Services Agency, which confiscates firearms, narcotics, plants, food, cigarettes and alcohol, spokesperson Luc Nadon said.
But at a high-traffic airport like Toronto’s, spokesperson Mathieu Larocque said there are few options on how to dispose of them efficiently.

Shoppers can expect to find plastic buckets full of signature red Swiss Army Knives, scissors and lighters — their most popular items, Smith said.
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) deals with surrendered items in a similar way to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, with local agencies in several states selling them off alongside government surplus.

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