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In a stroke of good fortune, my custom clips are a perfect fit for Surefire lights and many SF clones. Be sure to place the o-ring underneath the clip to isolate it from the rotating forces of the tailcap (see photo above for correct installation).
You need to use an o-ring to fill the gap and I provide two with the clip: one black and one GITD green. For those of you that don't know, the machine literally uses a stream of water (laden with garnet abrasive) to cut the material. The 100% Made in the USA product is constructed of high-strength spring steel and permits the light to be pocket carried in a bezel-down position. Some lights with twist-style momentary switches may lose the ability to operate in constant-on mode with the clip installed due to the tailcap not being able to tighten all the way onto the body.
Once the flashlight is reassembled the clip is held in place by friction against the flashlight body as well as the tailcap.
The Ring Technique is typically used in tactical situations but can be just as useful for less demanding tasks.
The RCS Flashlight Pocket Clip was tested for fit and function on a variety of common 1″ tactical lights. The clip also worked perfectly with the 6PX and P2X Fury in both momentary and constant-on mode. The G2 and G2X-A both lost the ability to operate in constant-on mode with the clip installed, however momentary mode worked fine.

I am impressed by the Raven Concealment Systems flashlight pocket clip and, as I personally favor clips over holsters for my lights, I am glad to have another option for pocket carry.
The pocket clip is available for purchase from the Raven Concealment Systems website for $14.99 and has a lifetime warranty.
Since the OP is looking for corrosion resistance, I can attest that the Solarforce two-way clip is absolutely not corrosion resistant. Unfortunately, it isn't something we can predict for your specific light as it's a matter of tolerances in the lights themselves. If you have something like an EAG Fury with a clickie constant on, you will maintain that ability with this clip.
It's always humorous to me when big companies don't understand how end-users use their products, and the little guy has to fix their problems for them.
Each configuration is available in a selection of colors including black, desert tan, forest green, and yellow.
The exterior of the body and tailcap are made entirely of Nitrolon, a very rigid, non-conductive, corrosion-proof polymer designed specifically for SureFire flashlights. With its textured reflector, the G2X produces a beam with a well-defined center hotspot capable of providing good illumination beyond 200 feet and an even spill beam that provides good peripheral vision out to 25-30 yards.
The following slides compare the SureFire G2X to a variety of other lights to provide perspective of its output and beam profile. When powered by 123A primary batteries, the G2X provides almost 90 minutes of regulated output before beginning a very long taper as the batteries are depleted.

SureFire has been making reinforced polymer-bodied flashlights since the introduction of the original G2 in 2001 and, through the years, Nitrolon has proven itself to be an attractive alternative to aluminum.
Fit and finish is fine on each of my G2X samples and color match is good between the Nitrolon bodies and aluminum bezels. The G2X is nicely sized for EDC and can be easily carried in a pocket, pouch, or with one of the many different clips or lanyard attachments available. From a performance standpoint, the G2X isn’t going to impress very many hardcore flashlight enthusiasts with its output but it was never intended to be the brightest or most powerful light around.
All things considered the SureFire G2X is a solid general purpose flashlight and with pricing around $50 at some retailers, it also represents an excellent value. Thats the same reason I had my own made up, but like the OP my stainless clips are somewhat soft.
I considered getting my clips cut from a stiff carbon-steel, but the coating is putting me off. I was just thinking the other day I needed a pocket clip for my Fury, as my old Lumamax isn't nearly as bright.

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