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I have a bug to get a different sub-3" folder, so I'm selling some knives to pay for it. The mini-Griptilian has barely been used for light duty (enevelopes, tape, etc) and still shaves hair.
Grips are awesome knives, I purchased a Mini and it felt like a toy, way too small for my medium size hands, the Rei Limited Griptilians with G10 & S30v is the best looking IMHO, they are still on stock too. For me it's not the feel that makes the Grip feel cheap it's the hollow noise if that's makes sense.
I have owned a Mini Griptilian and a full size Griptilian and while I like them, I recently bought a Spyderco Manix and it is what I really wanted in a Griptilian.

Really my main beef with the Griptilian is the cheap feeling plastic and how thick the scales are. Also worth considering is Spyderco's closest alternative to the Griptilian, the Manix 2 (in regular and Lightweight versions). If you prefer the larger griptilian over the Mini-Griptilian I would suggest the Manix 2 lightweight instead. Some people love the light and strong Griptilian, others hate it for being too light for its size. I would love to find nice scales, grips for my griptilian that I don't have to go to Europe for.

I really like the combination of: mini grip, satin blade, sheepsfoot, D2, orange handles, black hardware, split arrow clip.
I might suggest the Rift if you want something larger than the mini but don't like the feel of the full size grip.

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