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Since leaving the army, Dave has trained and now teaches wilderness survival at his Pathfinder Training School in Southeast Ohio.
Pathfinder also offers a 3 phase E-Course for anyone from beginner to instructor. They are a self paced learning systems that provide you with outlines and lessons to guide you through research and practical exercises at the pace you choose.
Pathfinder School has a strong online community in which you can discuss survival skills and interact with the instructors and other survival enthusiast on the forums on their website. Whether you are looking to casually learn some survival skills at your own pace or want to dive right in and get your hands dirty, the Pathfinder School has something for everybody at all levels. I am interested in joining your hands on class to teach me the skills needed to survive in the wilderness if needed.

Canterbury is a professional hunting guide and tracker that has posted over 300 survival-themed instructional videos online. They also have an online store that carries all types of survival gear that is personally chosen by Dave Canterbury for its usability and quality.
It is a membership area of our site and offers many videos not available on YouTube as well as many downloadable PDF files to help with your research.
Completing the phase 3 certification gives you the opportunity to become a paid Pathfinder Instructor at the Pathfinder School.
New Videos are added as we have the available time to film them, and addition files are added as well.

Pathfinder group hands on courses range from $250 to $400 per course and usually take about 3 days to complete.

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