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We are service and results based whether we are working with one client at a time, or training 20 at a time! We offer 8 week training phases that are not only scheduled sessions full of variety and great workouts, but we also teach you the progressive benefits of the exercises and practices that we use.
Not only will you get the benefits of the sessions and workouts themselves, but you will also receive emails from your trainers, giving you training tips and session reviews. Find the thrill of working as a team, training and sweating, learning new things about your fitness and your body, working hard and enjoying it… and become a part of a family! The project involved the construction of a new training facility building, car parking, and an external “props” area to be used for training of existing personnel and new recruits to ACT ESA.
Interfacing directly with the administration building is the parade ground which provides an area for setting up vehicular accident training scenarios.

We want to build a community for more than just training, we want to inspire and encourage an atmosphere that helps you to incorporate fitness, health and wellness into your lifestyle…even when you are not in the moment of a workout!
Find pride, encouragement and motivation for other and from others, and get into the O2 Studio Outdoor Group Training Programs! Restrained forms accommodate the diverse training needs of the Fire Brigade, the Ambulance Service, the Rural Fire Service, and the SES. Other purpose built elements include the hot cell training building for fire and rescue training, a house for suburban dwelling access training scenarios, and dedicated suites of fire training props utilising natural gas as the propellant.
During training, all water and contaminates are contained on the site and treated for re-use in further training.
While outdoor groups have people of all shapes, sizes and needs, one thing remains the same: everyone is able to improve and everyone is able to learn!

Engaged by the ACT Emergency Services Agency to create a new, purpose-built facility dedicated to the training of its Agencies, HBO+EMTB’s Outdoor Training Centre (OTC) responds with elemental forms and materials.
These props simulate domestic fire situations, vehicle fires, fires on water, subsurface leaks and fires, as well as back draft and radiant heat training.

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