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Being able to operate independently in the outdoors requires confidence in your abilities and that confidence comes from instruction, practical application and practice. Just like navigation, a good working knowledge of the fundamentals of wilderness survival can help you on the weekend camping trip just as much as the life-or-death struggle. If you enjoy being in the outdoors, compete in an outdoor sport, work in the outdoors or would just like to try something that will exercise your mind as well as your body, Adventure Alliance offers a workshop that will fill your need. Workshops are currently held in the Texas Hill Country, but can be adapted to any location in the country. Adventure Alliance Survival 101: Participants will learn about and participate in practical exercises in the follows areas.

Adventure Alliance Urban Survival: Participants will learn about and participate in practical exercises in the following areas. Adventure Alliance Survival Navigation: Participant will learn advanced techniques utilizing tried and true techniques from the US Army. The Texas Atlatl Association (TAA) formed on July 17th, 2010 at the Duval Ranch in Falcon Heights, Texas near Falcon State Park. What began as correspondence between the Austin Texas Lithic Arts & Technology League (ATLATL) and South Texas Atlatl back in 2008, eventually culminated into an organization that will reintroduce the art of the atlatl in the state.
One of our main goals as TAA is to provide venues for people to exchange ideas about the atlatl and other primitive skills, experimental archaeology, and survival skills.

Learn how to survive, fight and persevere in the wild without giving in to primal fears and panic. By no means is membership limited to Texas, we invite those in surrounding states and Mexico to get involved in our competitions and events.
American Survival Guide Magazine has designated Primitive Texas and Louisiana as one of the top 20 survival schools in the United States.     Copyright this business.

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