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The basic wilderness survival kit items are developed while focusing on certain areas and include items that are useful for specific terrain and climate.
For those who are traveling to some extremely cold areas, the survival kit should always consist of items that will help in keeping a person dry and warm during inclement weather or cold nights. Survival during any outdoor adventure primarily depends on availability of clean drinking water. Equipping yourself with some basic wilderness survival kit items would ensure that you enjoy the thrill to the fuller extent. One other thing to consider with your wilderness survival kit is that you want to be able to find your gear. Leave a comment below to let me know what you would add or remove in your wilderness survival kit.
Depending on the type of outdoor adventure, the items and tools should be chosen appropriately. If you pack your bivy sack, your Grandpa’s 3-pound wool sweater, and 3 days of MRE’s your kit will likely stay on the shelf. For some reason the links to the compass and the first aid kit you recommended don’t seem to be showing up for me though.

I am glad to see some items I have bought being included in your list-, fixed blade knife (seal pup), Gorilla duct tape, shemag, iodine pills (I am going to check the Aquamira ones too), first aid kit (I will improve it with a few basic medicines). I am going on a troop wilderness survival campout where I am staying the first night in Adirondacks. On the other hand, while canoeing or kayaking, it is better to include flare gun within the kit in case there is an emergency in the water.
Lighters and matches resealed in plastic pouch are a necessity for any type of outdoor adventure as it helps in numerous ways. Starting from preparation of meal to starting a fire to creating a shelter, a knife is the pre-requisite for any type of outdoor adventure. If you buy a first-aid kit make sure you are familiar with where all the components live and how to use them. Combined these only weigh a couple ounces and they will add a ton more functionality to your kit. If this is your first time doing a survival trip, I would look at it as more of an ultralight backpacking trip. I’m guessing that if you survived a plane crash, there would be lots of material to use for survival.

The second day I will be working on the wilderness survival merit badge, and then at night we will be staying in the wilderness survival shelter we are making. A bright coloured fabric can also be used for alerting rescuers, putting pressure on wound, and tying the contents of the kit. Roll of gauze, bandages, and basic painkiller should also be made part of the first aid kit. We’ll get to the actual contents of your kit soon, but there are a couple of things I want to go over before that. Triangle bandages are a common recommendation for outdoor adventure activities as they help in attaching a splint or pressure dressing.
I was wondering what I can bring to make myself warm (I cannot bring things like a blanket because our troop is going full blown wilderness survival). The most important thing is to DO something physical – and reading about survival does not count.

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