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I’ve had bags of Bear Creek Soups in my prep arsenal for years, but only recently since I started experimenting with various recipes for my Slow Cooker have I started testing them.
The total Calorie Count for any given soup varies from around 800 to 1500, depending on the variety.  The Cheddar Broccoli and Cream Potato varieties have high calorie count, the Minestrone and Chili varieties a bit lower, but more veggies in them. Just by themselves, one of these Soup Bags will get you through the day and they are very easy to cook up with just about any apparatus you might have, from a campfire or rocket stove to a solar cooker or electric slow cooker.  In a real pinch with some of them, you could just eat the powder dry, the Broccoli Chees soup for instance is quite tasty to eat a spoonful of the powder and wash down with a glass of water.
I probably have around 100 of these now in various containers, if you add to that all the bags of rice and bags of dried beans that could be added to them, this represents at least a year of eating, without touching all the canned foods.  In fact, I would be eating the frozen foods and canned foods first, because these would go bad first, and save the Bear Creek Soups for the End Game, or for the Last Bugout. For the last six years I’ve made it my business to understand the plethora of fibers that compose our modern day reality.
I understand that advocating for the avoidance of hydrocarbon fueled electricity seems excessive.
There are a few writers out there like Simon Black and Doug Casey who pass out advice to the well-to-do on how to prep for the collapse, buying foreign Doomsteads, loading them with possessible Gold in the Basement Safe, etc. For the most part, the entire Basic Needs Bugout Package can be carried in 3 bags, a large suitcase wheely bag, a large backpack and an Airline Overhead size wheely bag.
IMHO, there is NO EXCUSE for someone who has this much money in the bank right now not to put together such a Bug Out Package for each member of his family. The next installment of this series will go the next level up, prepping for mobile movement with some types of vehicles that can carry more than just what you can physically carry. Of course, you also can only do it for 3 or 4 months or so after the spring thaw, it’s not year-round work.  I expect though that if the Gold price continues to skyrocket, this summer there will be a LOT of Panners out there.
And yep, believe it or not at one time I use to give away some FREE SOS Survival Kits in exchange for doing this. Or another name that I think is a bit more appropriate on the type of people who keep contacting me in asking for a free sample is..
So whether you really are poor, don't have the money or you're just some "cheapskate tightwad" who would prefer to scrounge and crawl through some filty, germ infested, garbage cans & dumpsters instead of paying a few bucks for one of my SOS Survival Kits - then this kit is for YOU! IMPROVISED COOKING KIT - The frying pan you see in the photo is made from a large tuna can with a snap on & off "coat hanger wire" handle. To make a nifty storage container for your quick starting tinder like cotton balls, simply cut off the lower bottom portion of these BIC lighters with a saw and you'll be able to stuff inside of it several cotton balls. IMPROVISED FISH & SNARE KIT - To make these all you need are some pins, small nails, coke can pull tabs, nylon string, dental floss and almost any kind of "thin" wire and or some strong nylon string.

IMPROVISED WATER FILTER & PURIFICATION KIT - The water filters in the photo are both, some made out of regular cloth and some are simply just "coffee drip paper filters" too. Now when it comes to survival kits, I agree 100% with what all these survival books, authors, gurus, websites and forums say about them.
Now depending on how often and how far off the road you like to venture as well as what the climate, temperature and weather is, you can always add more stuff to your survival kit. Thanks for stopping by, please don't forget to spread the word to your friends and fellow survivalist about my websites too. Most of us are not in the wealth bracket to be able to realistically engage in this form of self protection, but even if you are middle class in a Big Shitty, you still can plan here. Beef or Salmon Jerky, Hard Salami, vacuum sealed Package Tuna (cans are a bit heavy and bulky) for protein and Nuts for calories. Unlike Simon Black, I do NOT recommend holding foreign bank accounts in other currency for the average person. It’s the one you need when there is a major event that forces you out of your home and on the Road, with no expectation you will be able to return to your home or job, or if you do it is no longer there. This is the level most people currently living in Big Shitties can reasonably Prep for at moderate prices.
Much as I do not believe in Land Ownership for myself, I bought 20 Acres bordering on Mark Twain National Forest and put it in my Grand Nephew’s Name. To purify water for safe consumption you can either boil the water for a minimum of 7+ minutes and or you can use some NON-scented, regular, Clorex Bleach too. It allows you to stay in the Big Shitty, keep your Job but still be prepared for the Fast Collapse scenario. Another alternative I am considering for the summer is touring Doomstead locations in NZ and British Columbia, and maybe making a last trip to Europe before it devolves into complete anarchy (assuming that has not already occurred by June). All of these countries are LOADED with the weapons of the Industrial War Machine, in order to Maintain Power Puppets like el-Kabong and the Saudi Sheiks have spent a FORTUNE in Oil money buying the tools of high tech warfare, from the assault rifles to the helicopter gunships to the jets.  The system is coming apart at the seams, and now these weapons will be used, one way or the other. Well of course there are many other useful things that you can improvise and use in a survival situation and these are just a few of them.
And the less you know about survival - then the more survival stuff you should pack and carry. Guaranteed to be interesting, entertaining and funny too, and so check it out and see for yourself.

It doesn’t produce enough power to run the laptop in real time, but it can recharge the battery) My crank up light can also recharge my cell phone, about 1 min of talking for 5 min of cranking.
There are so many possibilities nowadays on the horizon for such a dislocation to occur that you have to view it as within reasonable likelihood and prepare for such an eventuality. For the most part, this level parallels the “Golden Corral” paradigm I wrote about a while back, more or less the life of an OTR trucker when pursued on land. And so now whenever someone emails me and asks for a free sample, this is what I email back to them, this article and photographs. And a rain poncho trash bag has one hole just for your head and the sides of the trash-bag are cut open on both sides like one of those Mexican poncho villa blankets. To use it for signaling, either hold it up and wave it vigorously with your hand or simply attach it to a stick and then wave it vigorously to get someone's attention. This magical force used to be the product of nature alone by way of what might as well be called lightning, and our species seems to be proving that it should have stayed that way.
The last time I heard about that drivel, I was enjoying traditional Mexican cuisine, and it was intrusively going on and on about some poo poo cruise that the entire world was watching…and for some reason it was considered normal that those poor souls had to continue eating onion sandwiches and shitting on the deck.
If you do not have a basic personal Bugout Package and you have this much money available right now for each member of your family, you are NEGLIGENT IMHO.
If I use the Bugout Machine for it, it probably costs $10K in fuel.  There is REAL Hypocrisy for you if I do that one.
And what it stands for is From Recyclable Everyday Expendables Do-It-Yourself Survival Kit.
He wakes up in the cold street, piss soaked pants, peels himself off of the sidewalk, and begins begging for more. Save our children from the misery that we are ensuring for them with every action of every miserable day. I want to believe that we can fix our biosphere so that it will once again become healthy for our children.

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