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Can cater for children, family, parent and child, all female groups etc or can tailor make courses to suit your needs .
Our guides (when not taking guests to the great outdoors) are fully qualified outdoor instructors and can teach you skills for the outdoors from river crossings, to general bush craft to map reading lessons.
Our guides are NZ wilderness trained and specialists in bush craft and survival techniques.
You are far more likely to come across a wild deer on our walks than to see any other hikers, and although the areas are remote, the trips are open to anybody with a sense of adventure and a desire to see the untouched, true New Zealand back country. Won't-Fail Fire StarterOne big challenge of surviving in the great outdoors is staying warm, and the quickest way to do that is by building a fire.
Survival KnifeA good knife can make all the difference in a survival situation, and the best ones will be built to stand up to the rigors of just about any kind of outdoors task. Make Your Own Knife KitFor the crafty type of outdoorsman, there’s nothing like carrying a knife that you made yourself (even if it’s not as burly as the Tracker knife).
Bear Grylls' Survival AppOne way to help the digitally enabled survivalist is giving them a survival app for their smartphone.
Survival CourseGet your buddy into the wild with a survival course, and he'll be thrilled to learn how to live in (and maybe despite) the great outdoors.
Ultralight Tarp-ShelterMaking a shelter is another of those make-or-break survival skills, but thanks to the modern high-tech fabrics available to us now, an ultralight waterproof tarp can be folded up to fit just about any survival kit. I’d like to take my connection with nature to the next level and learn a few bush survival skills.

Little Eco and I met with Wildcraft Australia guides Sam New and Nikki Brown to find out more about their courses. Nikki tells me their courses are "for anyone who has an interest in bush craft and wilderness survival skills. Their family-friendly wildcraft kids camps treads more gently into wilderness survival with face painting, exploring, tree climbing and nature craft. Wildcraft Australia are hosting a bush skills course for adults in Barrington Tops THIS WEEKEND (5th - 7th December). On our recent kayak trip, I was excited to spot loads of the bush tucker plant Tetragonia tetragonioides, commonly known as Warrigal Greens, Native Spinach, or New Zealand Spinach. Of course I had to jump out and pick some, and for lunch later that day we had Native Spinach Frittata.
With a wide range of team-based activities available , Bush Craft Summer Camp is the perfect place for children to develop new friendships and learn about the outdoors in a safe, controlled environment.
Adventure Walks aim is to provide the perfect package for all lovers of action, adventure and the great outdoors. But chances are, in a survival situation, the matches won’t want to light and the fuel is all wet, so a simple act like starting a fire can take on a whole other level of complexity. But a first aid kit is one of those things which really ought to be in everyone’s bag, just in case.The Survival Medic kit from SOL includes an emergency blanket, a survival whistler, duct tape, a compass, antiseptic wipes, gauze, and bandages.
By letting him make his own knife, you'll add another element to his survival skills.Wrap up a beginner-friendly knife kit from Ray Jardine.

Users can read and learn while not in survival situations, in order to prepare them for when they are, and in the event that they have their phone with them, the app could be the reference they need when the time arises. The Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) has been operating since 1968, and their field course is one of the best around.
For the techie-minded survivalist, a small GPS unit, like the Get-Back by Brutnon, makes a great gift.This scaled-down model is about the size of a stopwatch. Their Wild 101 introductory bush skills weekend jumps in the deep end of wilderness survival and includes barefoot blindfolded bushwalking.
Nikki showed us how to eat March Flies - a survival skill that we’ll hopefully never need to depend on. It’s found scattered throughout Australia and New Zealand and has become naturalised in many parts of the world. One great choice is the Bear Grylls Essentials app, from the survivalist and host of Discovery Channels' Man vs. Students are led into Utah's mountains, mesas and canyons with nothing but a blanket, poncho, and knife.They learn the skills of local Puebloan cultures, and head home knowing not just how to survive, but to be at peace in the natural world.

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