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Now you can also sign up to get free high quality outdoor leadership and outdoor ministry content, how-to articles, case studies, expert interviews, and insight based on surveys. In order to receive college credit you’ll need to be enrolled as a  full time degree seeking student at one of our partner universities. Copyright © 2012 International Wilderness Leadership School - A Division of Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School Inc. IntroductionSince 1962 when Outward Bound first introduced wilderness adventure programing to United States and the world in the mountains of Colorado, the field has grown exponentially.
Click here if you’d like to find out how to get on the Recommended Outdoor Ministry Program List. If you are familiar with a Christian outdoor leadership or wilderness ministry provider that we have not listed, feel free to contact us to let us know.
The Recommended Outdoor Programs list (ROP List) provided on this website is merely a directory of organizations that provide opportunities for people to enjoy outdoor adventure in a Christian ministry context. We work with over 40 colleges and universities to offer undergraduate and graduate students internship opportunities and credits that are directly transferable to their school.

In order to make our leadership and guide training programs more accessible, IWLS gives over $45,000 USD in scholarships annually. It is now commonplace to find successful wilderness recreation programs in K-12 schools, summer camps, military bases, and city and state parks. Please allow at least four months of processing time before your course date if you plan on receiving college credit. Internship positions include: instructing, program management, administrative support, guiding, and program development.
The use of outdoor adventure programs for therapeutic reasons has become it's own industry. The purpose of this article is to briefly discuss the design of each program type, list their pros and cons, and provide a conceptual template for those training students to staff some of their programs.
Outdoor living, technical, rescue, medical, and site management skills required for safety.Human skills. Effective administrators are typically staff trainers with business, management, and leadership training and experience.

The programs may be subcontracted to an outside organization or run by professional staff, graduate assistants, or students, or a combination of all three. If any programs are to be run by students, there needs to be an effective training, assessment, and evaluation progression in place. Students demonstrating the required skills assist Outdoor Orientation Program trips, weekend trips, and break trips during their junior year. The initial immersion semester should be at least 50 days in length (75-90 is preferable), taught during the summer between the second and third (freshman & sophomore years), and focus on training basic outdoor skills on both land and water.

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