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For Fitness CrossFit Bootcamps are run outdoors and is a high intensity strength and conditioning workout that can be scaled to suit ALL individuals. Your workout for the week starts off as CrossFit Bootcamp where there are 2-6 exercises done as a AMRAP or ,Chipper both have different variations in time and functional movements. Our Second Workout is a classic For Fitness Bootcamp Class where there are 8- 10 stations ( different exercises ) . Our classes involve a skill based warm up, skill or strength based training, the Workout and then stretching and mobility.

The last thing we want to see is someone getting hurt lifting a 20 kilo kettlebell on there first session .That is why we provide the best and most amount of equipment in Perth Outdoor Training.
You will be partnered up with one person having gloves and the yourself pads ( no sparring here ) we supply enough gloves for everyone but we recommend you buy your own for hygene purposes. Try some classes or choose a personal trainer and start working your abs, just use your coupon!
Dazzle your family and friends with your firm, toned, sexy body while walking through the streets of Perth!

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