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The conference had the most amazing food options, and one night we were treated to an outdoor garden party, complete with beautiful lantern lights, live music, and some raw food options. In July, I had the honor and privilege of meeting with some of my raw food blogger contemporaries in Toronto for some good conversation and fabulous raw food. Speaking of blogs, Barefoot and Frolicking has been named one of the finalists in Beer and Butter Tarts: Canadian Food Blog Awards.
When I started this blog a year or so ago, I was really interested in connecting with other like-minded people in the areas of health, nutrition, and raw foods.

Continue exploring the potentials of raw food cuisine: I really feel that at this point in my life, my creative energies are geared towards raw foods. Blogging: I want to continue sharing my experiences with living, raw food, and vegan cuisine with you on my blog. I'd become so inspired by the many blogs I would read, as well as my raw food journey, that I wanted to carve out a space in which to share this information with others, as well as learn from their experiences. I just love sharing my knowledge and experience with this type of cuisine with others, and really enjoy making raw foods for others.

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