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After your initial 2 week trial, if you decide you like the results you are getting and want to continue training, we will direct you to the appropriate class that meets your level, needs and goals. Tattooed trainer and Zen Buddhist Al Kavadlo leads 50-minute full-body strength and conditioning classes on Saturday mornings, using body-weight exercises and the park’s jungle gym. This Tabata-style class that takes place in Brooklyn was created by Punk Rope founder Tim Haft and Shana Brady.
Sweeping views from the iconic bridge are almost enough to distract you from how hard you’re working in this famed, body-changing class.

Brian Delmonico’s classes are known for strengthening both body and soul, with 45 minutes of martial-arts-inspired interval training and sprints using Pier 46’s steps, benches, and walls, followed by 15 minutes of yoga and meditation. No Sweat in the Park is a series of free weekly outdoor fitness classes this spring and summer.
Gruver said every class is a different workout and that people of all fitness levels and ages can participate.
Most require pre-registration, and like the indoor classes, when you buy a series, the per class cost drops.

All are welcome, but the class is designed to specifically benefit those prepping for mud runs and other adventure races. Because many boot-camp brands offer classes in more than one location, these are listed alphabetically.

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