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Many universities have specific departments that offer evening classes in a variety of subjects.
Evening classes are a ideal solution to balancing the demands of a career, family life and social commitments whilst at the same time studying for a qualification.
Courses are taught at various levels from complete beginner to post-advanced and there is no difference between the learning you will receive on a part time evening class and that taught on full time degree courses. Universities want their students to succeed in their academic endeavours and many go out of their way to provide extensive support and resources to help them get through their assignments. Its a fact that good teaching methods and small classroom sizes encourage participants to make rapid progress through active class participation. As most of the people on evening classes in London will be employed and therefore at work during the day, it is not uncommon for some of them to occasionally miss a class.
This depends on the university itself and the course that you  are applying for, however many programmes do not require learners to have any previous experience of the subject. There are forty three universities in London, forming the largest concentration of higher education in all of Europe.

This is a resource page aimed at helping those students who are interested in searching for, finding and enrolling on evening classes within the Greater London conurbation.
Despite the sacrifices, making time for evening classes really can help you reach your potential and change your life for the better.
Whether your learning for pleasure or studying for a qualification there are many advantages to enrolling on night classes, least of all having the feeling that you’ve made most of your evening. Gaining a degree and successfully passing a night course can give a person a great sense of achievement as well as improve a individuals confidence and belief in themselves. Part time students are entitled to have full access to the university library and academic resources just like full time undergraduates. There is absolutely no difference between the quality of teaching you will receive on a evening class and that which is available to fulltime students. Due to the time constraints classes and modules are structured in ways that assist students to progress quickly in their studies. Classes are normally held on a weekly basis at set times , the actual starting time really depends on the course and university that you are studying at.

If you sign up for Math 55a, stock up on Red Bull and plan on spending around fourteen hours on coursework outside of class each week. To maximise the learning experience for students many evening classes are not crammed to the rafters but instead are limited in size so as to ensure everyone gets the individual attention needed to learn quickly.
To get round this many lecturers on evening programmes are willing to email or post the coursework to these students before the next class.
Being able to concentrate in a classroom after working all day really does take motivation and discipline. Teachers also understand and appreciate that their students may have been at work all day and therefore work hard to keep classes entertaining and interesting. That doesn't mean students can't work while pursuing their degrees—all classes for both programs take place in the evening.

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