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March 7, 2013 by paulp 4 Comments In this article I will present you a Muela Knife review, an specific Muela Knife that I liked a lot. That being established, I took in the woods my new Muela Knife, to put it slightly to work. Muela Knife‘s edge and my curiosity with a piece of wood I started to tick off some of the most common tasks that is subject utility knife.
I continued with various cuts on wood, from the finest (feather stick) to the coarser (drilling a piece of wood) and the Muela Knife Com-6-16 Police Alce 11.25-Inch did not have any problem.

I hope you like my Muela Knife Review and I really wait your comments, you can comment even if you don`t like how I write ;). Here you will get informartion regarding collectibles knives and how to take care of your knives as well.
I am a passionate knife enthusiast, always looking to get knowledge regarding them and sharing it with you all. After I lit the fire, I wiped with a tissue blade to check their condition (we know that some flint scratch or leave marks on knife blades …) and I was pleasantly surprised not find any trace of activity just taken.

We ended the test with other cuts on a piece of paper, cut as well as the first piece you are trying edge at first – see the pictures of the muela knife review.

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