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1 Gamma Seal - for easy in and out of the bucket and keeps the rest of the food tightly and safely sealed. This  is one of my favorite emergency supplies kit which provides over 33,000 total servings of long-lasting freeze dried and  dehydrated THRIVE foods enough to sustain up to 4 people for 1 year. Mountain House freeze dried food is probably one of the best know brands in outdoor recreation and emergency foods. Manufactured by Oregon Freeze Dry, the Mountain House line of products has been manufactured since the early 1970s, after the company manufactured freeze dried military rations for the Department of Defense in the 1960s.

Mountain House freeze dried food is typically said to have a 25 year shelf life, which is a perfect reason to use it for your food storage supply.
You already know the value of food storage in an emergency, and when you have Mountain House food in your food storage, you’ll know food will always be available and easy to prepare. Pouches are a good option for camping and hiking when you need to carry food that is lightweight. Mountain House freeze dried food is lightweight and simple to prepare, making it perfect for camping, hiking, traveling and home emergency preparedness.

This entry was posted in FAQs, Freeze-Dried Food, Product Reviews and tagged mountain house #10 cans, mountain house freeze dried food by admin. In fact, in can last for 30 years or more while still maintaining almost all of the nutritional value of freshly made food.

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