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Help the new couple get started with food storage with this useful (and small!) starter kit. As you might know, I think the Mormon Church Home Storage Centers are a fantastic resource to purchase long-term food storage at a reasonable price.
The single box contains recipes, pamphlets, visual aids for teaching food storage principles and one can each of flour, red wheat, white wheat, pinto beans and oats.
Storage of food for any untoward mishap or calamity is indispensable which requires planning and strategy. Twice a year I take time to do an inventory on how my food storage and emergency preparations are going.
The next step in my food storage adventure is creating a three month supply of foods to be stored in-house. Though this is not a primary motivation for most people to store food, my husband and I like to look at our food storage as something of a financial investment. Perhaps the most important reason for storing food is that doing so will bring a sense of peace to us and our families.

I think the major motivator for me in creating a supply of food and water for my family at home is the peace and comfort that I have done what I could to prepare my family for harder times. In this episode of LDS Emergency Resources, we talk about how to properly prepare and maintain a food storage.
Before enlisting the best possible ways to store food for all those unexpected emergencies, let us understand how food storage is different from hoarding.
We’ve been counseled to get out of debt and live within our means, to prepare families and neighborhoods for natural disasters (which really do occur frequently all over the world) and yes, to build a long-term supply of food storage. Though most people haven’t experienced a natural disaster big enough for the movies, there are plenty of situations that occur every day in which food storage would be a huge asset, such as unemployment, injury, or illness. When food prices are rising rapidly (as they have in recent years) the money we’ve used to buy food storage seems to generate higher returns than money we have in a high-interest savings account. Storage of food essentially does not mean hoarding where the latter is illegal and unethical. I also received a food storage shelf for my birthday that my husband has built and installed in our garage.

I found some great videos on youtube that I found motivating for me to make some progress in my long term food and water storage though. We attempt to help you better develop your emergency preparedness plan by helping you get a food storage. Families facing tough times can have an extra sense of stability and confidence if they are able to keep food on the table without appealing to others for help. Monson said, “Many more people could ride out the storm-tossed waves in their economic lives if they had their… supply of food… and were debt free.

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