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He was the host of the Spike TV and Discovery Channel show Surviving Disaster and appears as a regular commentator on CNN and Fox News. What you can do is survive -- it is your right to not be killed or harmed by another person. As with most things survival-related, fighting has its own set of priorities that need to be addressed at lightning speed.
You'll hopefully never need the US Military Survival Manual, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Soldiers often come up with shortcuts to lead the disciplined life required in the military. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Cache Valley PrepperCache Valley Prepper is a full-time survival and self-defense consultant, instructor and writer, but primarily identifies himself as a lifelong student of survival. I am military trained(but at 75, not nearly as good as I once was.) I went through the Hurricane Andrew disaster, in Florida, in '91. In 1992 when I first began teaching military combatives and police defensive tactics I assumed that most men and women getting into a military or law enforcement career would be aggressive by nature.
If law enforcement agencies are just now addressing combat stress management in hand-to-hand confrontations, then that lack of proper training is even greater in the civilian martial arts. Depriving students of sleep and forcing them to perform physically demanding exercises is common in various specialized military and law enforcement training.

Jim Wagner started the reality-based training and survival skills based on modern conflict situations that the practitioner is likely to encounter in their environment (their "reality").
And or you just don't have the time and money to buy and read a "how-to" survival book from cover-to-cover. There's an Anti-Jet Lag Diet designed by the Department of Defense and supported by a military study as effective at keeping jet lag at bay. Download it on your phone to learn about fire starting, dealing with dangerous animals, and more wilderness survival skills from the experts. Those of you who are first responders, who have served in the military or who have experienced life or death situations likely understand this, but most other people do not. Practice in an Unrealistic Fashion: The idea behind training drills is to make you and your team more effective and to desensitize you to some of the stresses you will experience. Any action you plan or take should be to mitigate risk, increasing you chances of survival.
After having trained personnel from hundreds of agencies and military units around the world I have discovered that there are a lot of people in these professions who have never had to “fight for their lunch money in their past.
Navy SEALs, Marine Force Recon, Army Special Forces or other American military units who train extensively in waterborne operations, personnel are subjected to cold conditioning – notably, standing in the cold surf without thermal protection.
These few survival tips of mine will save you time in learning the really important stuff about survival without the repetitive BS you'll find on other sites.

I am retired military, been through numerous survival course, certs trained, have a concealed carry weapon permit, which I carry at all times, plus spare magizines and ammo. I had extra clothing, and even some long outdated military rations, in the back of my truck, as well as several firearms.
For civilians learning self-defense the connection to realist conflict stress training came about on January 21, 2003 with the official inauguration of the Reality-Based Personal Protection system. The following training methods will help you implement your own combat stress management program. A little sleep deprivation training of your own, under proper supervision, will prepare you for the stress of conflict. Jim Wagner teaches civilian, police, military, corrections, bodyguard, and security courses around the world.
My students found that the stress induced by the cold required more energy and determination then when they were doing the techniques earlier in the ideal conditions of the training room.
This incident taught me that in training you have to push yourself beyond what you think your limits are.

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