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Disaster bags can be called many different things: kits, stashes, personal emergency relocation kits, and so on. The survival kit section describes the ultimate list of items that you will be able to carry on your back that will be essential to your survival for the first weeks and months of the zombie apocalypse.
Free Shipping!This Long Term Food Storage Essentials Kit has all of the food and supplies you will need to keep you safe for an extended period of time. Anyone who has ever heard of survival or emergence prepping has probably heard about the bug out bag.
These kits are usually made up of the kind of things that make roadside emergencies a little easier to live with.
The list of things that you might want to bring with you during an emergency is almost infinite and it gets even bigger if you have a family to take care of. The image below is probably the best way of show you exactly what you need to properly fill your survival kit.

You should be able to competently use all of the items in the bag and it should provide enough equipment for you to survive the first 72 hours of a disaster. Many of the items are similar to what you would find in a typical disaster survival kit when preparing for a hurricane or flood. From movie and video game reviews, to survival strategies and bug out bags, we've got you covered so you can be prepared for the zombie apocalypse! There are 44 Long Term Food Storage Meals in this kit that will feed 1 Person for 14 days or 2 People for 1 Week. These are the emergency kits that are in the cars of everyone with a little bit of forethought.
Things like gloves, flares and high visibility vests are common in these kits but during the winter months some people choose to add some warm clothes to these kits to ensure that they don't freeze to death if they have to sleep in their car. Survival Blanket - It traps most of your body heat and is so freaking shiny that a passing rescuer would have to be pretty lame to miss it.

You might think that you got your go bag ready and if the SHTF you are going to be the lone survivor in a post apocalyptic world. There are many things that are not essential to immediate survival that people add to their bug out bag anyways. The focus is on immediate evacuation and the bug-out bag is not to be confused with a long term survival kit.
Walk for longer and longer distances every week and eventually you will be able to add your bug out bag to your daily walks. This survival kit has a retail value of $250.This bag no longer has "Survival Kit" stitched on it.

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