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Categories: Sharp Utility Knife | Author: admin 03.03.2014

LDS Church magazines are an excellent resource in any home, but managing magazine subscriptions is probably not at the top of the new couple’s to-do list.
Help the new couple get started with food storage with this useful (and small!) starter kit.
Just as an FYI, the “LDS Starter Kit” has been discontinued sometime in the last few months (I must have gotten one just before they stopped offering them).

They told me that because they had a wider selection to choose from now, and also because the starter kit was seen an introduction to the pre-pack program, the starter kit was no longer considered necessary. The LDS Distribution Center sells thousands of items at cost, many of which are useful to newly married couples as they build their homes.
The single box contains recipes, pamphlets, visual aids for teaching food storage principles and one can each of flour, red wheat, white wheat, pinto beans and oats.

At the LDS Distribution Center, a limited number of fine art prints are available at a lower cost.

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