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Razor Edge has long been recognized as an idustry leader devoting years researching, developing and perfecting the finest sharpening stones and tools on the market . The Razor Edge knife sharpening angle guides are the best angle guides there are and work great with any knife or sharpening stone.
Razor Edge sharpening stones are the result of years of research and proof of their superiority can be found in the "Giunness Book of World Records".
Best Sharpening Stones is committed to providing you with the best sharpening tools available and we are proud to carry these quality Razor Edge products.
I learned to sharpen with hand stones at Grandpa's knee, but I always had trouble with certain knives. There are two schools of knife sharpening - those who like a knife to keep some roughness from the stone and those who believe that it should be as smooth as possible.
Smooth edges are best for cutting with a straight push and are preferred by barbers, surgeons and woodworkers. To be sure you are improving your sharpening; you need an objective way to test the results. Another test for sharpness is to press the edge lightly on your thumbnail at about a 30-degree angle.

No shop is complete without at least one bench stone, preferably two or more of different grits.
The Razor Edge guide clamps on the blade with four Allen screws and I find it inconvenient to use. The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening is a must-have book for those that take their edges seriously. I especially admired two of his nonprofessional skills - even when he was in his nineties he could put a razor edge on a knife, then use that knife to put a perfect point on a pencil. This edge is easy to produce because you just stop sharpening after a medium stone (200 to 300 grit).
Steel naturally forms a burr - a thin bendable projection on the edge - during the sharpening process.
Ben Dale, the owner of EdgePro, has spared no expense in his pursuit of excellence in hand sharpening. Blades sharpened this way do become dull faster as the points wear or bend, so frequent touch-ups are needed. Analysis with an electron microscope (2) has confirmed that wood cutting ability is correlated to edge smoothness.

I own a hunting knife that will shave even though the edge angle is a rather blunt 30 degrees. The drawback of most guides is that they waste about 3 inches of stone, so you would need a longer stone.
Remember that Momma probably owns the really big knives around the house, and you will be expected to sharpen her 8 or 10 inch butcher knives. If you mount your stone flush with your work surface, you can utilize the full stone length. For modern steels I recommend stones made with manufactured abrasives and industrial diamonds.
They will sharpen up to a 4 inch blade before you have to move the guide to a new position.

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