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MARTIAL ARTS FOR THE FAMILY Our Bok Fu Program teaches a blend of Kung Fu, Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Self Defense and Ju Jitsu to people of ALL ages and experience levels.
HOME AND SELF DEFENSE With violence and crime rates where they are it is never a bad idea to be trained on how to be safe in your home or anywhere. REAL WORLD WEAPONS SELF DEFENSE In todays world you can be confronted by all kinds of weapons.
High crime rates in and around the Greater Los Angeles area clearly show that no one is immune to these kinds of attacks.

SHIELD, according to Nio, is a mixture of martial arts, self-defense and street fighting skills. With all kinds of classes covering traditional Martial Arts, MMA, Ju Jitsu and even Conditioning and Agility your child confidence will never be higher.
Self Defense, MMA, Kickboxing, Grappling and Professional Fighter Programs for women as well. In this class you learn how to use and defend against knives, sticks and anything else you might find in a street fight or ambush.

That’s a big part of what motivates Nelson Nio, creator of the SHIELD Women’s Self Defense System.

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