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Rich in depth and variety of colors, horn has been the traditional material used in the making of Laguiole knives since the early 19th Century. While I do like keychain tools that have industrial-looking or mass-appeal designs, the Opinel knife really caught my eye as something different. This entry was posted in Folding Knives, Keychain Tools and tagged Opinel knives, wood-handled knives.
The blade is made from stainless steel, and the handle is beechwood. Normally sub-$10 knives make me wary, but not this one.

At first thought the SOG Micron knife comes to mind, but it’s a little bit too small and flat, and so I regularly misplace it. Since my EDC usually consists of my phone, keychain with a flashlite, and my leatherman… I dont really have a backup blade to rely on if say my leatherman doesnt get remembered or switched over from the pants from the day before (thats happened).
Besides providing a smooth transition from the blade to the handle, they also strengthen the knife, add durability and act as a counter-balance. If you cannot or will not carry a pocket knife or multi-tool, there are still quite a few keychain-sized multi-tools available.

So I liked your keychain blade idea and did a little web surfing to find a suitable one for my needs. Found a Kobalt keychain utility knife that would save the day in a pinch if I didnt have my go to tools.

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