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Martial Arts training helps kids to learn vital life skills as focus, discipline, respect, and self-control. We offer both short seminars and 4-week courses specifically dealing with women's self defense training. David Lauzon, David Turkoski and Tracy Warrener of Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy present a cheque for $500, raised through women's self defense seminars, to Michelle from the Nova Vita Women's Shelter, October 2011.

Louisville, KY 40241, Children with learning Disabilities in Louisville, KY 40241, Police training for self defense in Louisville, KY 40241, combat training in Louisville, KY 40241, Martial Arts in Louisville, Kentucky, Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Louisville Kentucky, MMA -in Louisville Kentucky, BJJ in Louisville Kentucky, Content copyright 2015. Gaining such a skill will give you the ability and confidence to defend yourself if you are caught in such a tough situation.

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